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In this next series I thought of looking at the mobility of the hip as I find that when we are not body-aware, we do not use the body as a whole.  We tend to just move with the motion rather than actually connecting and engaging our muscles as a team, just like team sports like rugby, baseball, football.  We all know that every position has a part to play and if someone is not playing their part either due to lack of awareness of what needs to be done or an injury,  then this really puts pressure on the rest of the team.  Our body works in the same way.

I always thought I had strong glutes which is why I thought they were so tight but I was wrong. What I was not doing was engaging them which made them weak and that had a ripple effect to the of lack of mobility. This also brought my attention to my core engagement or lack of which was the cause of my sore back. Once I learned how to truly engage my core this linked up to help stabilize the pelvis which then isolates movement through the hips. Once I became aware of all this and was able to bring it into action it brought a different outlook on how to use my body as a whole rather than just living in the motion.  What a difference this change has made to my running and daily life.

When we look at movement of our legs in daily life,  the legs move 95% of the time in a forward  movement of flexion and extension, for example, to walk, run or cycle.  But when looking at the hip joint it can actually move 360 degrees.  So there is a bigger motion of the hips we are not using on a daily basis.  What this means is it can do more than flexion and extension.  It can also do abduction, abduction, circumduction and rotational but we do not use this full motion everyday.  This then leads to stiffness in the joints and weakness of the muscles as we are not using the full potential of the hip muscles and joint.

In this video we are going to do some exercises to bring awareness to our core muscles.  Core muscles are important for runners but also all athletes and everyday life movement as weak core muscles can lead to injuries, more fatigue and less endurance.  Weak core muscles can also leave you susceptible to poor posture, lower back pain and muscle injuries.  The core is our midsection of the body, what I call the power house.  These muscles that are involved are not just the front of the body but also the back and sides.  The core includes the traverse abdominis (TVA), erector spinae, obliques and lower lats.  When working through our core it helps stability through the entire body.

At the start of the video I want you to pull back and not think to move quickly or in big motion.  It’s about less is more and the focus more on the stabilization through the core.  Feeling the movement of the hip through the core.  Learn how to engage the core with the breath to help create stability rather than going with the motion and feeling the body flapping around like a fish.  Once you feel strong and get the connection of the core, the other movements in the video will become easier with time.

The second part of the video we also need to think about another part of the team in our body, is the shoulders.  In this portion if we don’t create stability it will be hard to create the mobility through the core.  Think about foundation, the hands.  Have the fringes spread so you have a good grounding into the floor.  As you really ground the fleshy mound between the the thumb and the wrist rotate the triceps inward so the eye’s of the elbows turn out.  This will help support the protraction of the shoulders and also help pull the front ribs in.  All this action helps bring the isolation through the core and movement just through the hips.  Otherwise the body will flop around like a fish.

Why is  hip mobility via core connection important to runners?  Having tight muscles or a group of muscles this can impede full range of motion therefore improving your hip mobility will not only increase your run or athletic performance but also help prevent lower back pain and/or injury and boost explosive movements.

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Enjoy the journey!

Peace out.