Live Streaming includes recording, which means you can do it anytime.

I am offering a live streaming and recording (of the live streaming) of daily classes from Monday to Saturday during the lockdown.  This is with a program called Zoom.  You will not need to download any program just click on the link in the invite that will be emailed around 11am.  I am also going to do a weekly flat rate for each household.  Why I say household as this is an opportunity to create time for the whole household to create a daily routine of movement and destress during the lockdown.  As we also create a virtual community to support and love each other from a safe distance.   That rate will be $15 per week.  Which includes both the live streaming and recording.
These classes will cover various things like tips, form and technique of each style of class.  Each class will start with some mindfulness breathing and end with a short meditation.  As we all really need to help calm our mind which will help support our immune system.  I will have all participants muted so you won’t have background noise from other people on the live stream.  At the end and at the start before we get started I will unmute everyone so we can have an open conversation or if anyone has questions.  Below is what each daily class will be.  To keep it simple I have made the live streaming the same time each day from 12-1pm NZST. You will get two emails a day one with the live streaming link and the other with the recording.
We maybe keeping our distance to each other but we still need to unite as a community!!
Class Schedule 
Monday – body-weight fitness class 12-1pm
Tuesday – Yoga 12-1pm
Wednesday –  body-weight fitness class 12-1pm
Thursday – Yoga 12-1pm
Friday – Yogalates 12-1pm
Saturday – Yin Charka Yoga 12-1pm 
If you have any questions or would like to book for the live streaming and recording please email
You’ll receive a response adding you the private email list along with the banking details.

See you on the virtual mat soon!