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When it
comes to eating whole real foods.  It can be about using our meals from
the night before to create a nourishing second meal.  In this video I had
used some veggies from a meal from a previous evening.  Using steamed
veggies and roasted veggies to make my scrambled omelette.   As
I have a kidney disease I also watch my salt intake.  Which means
there are lots of good food that I have omitted for a while.
Now, I am reintroducing sauerkraut slowly back into my food intake.
As sauerkraut is high in salt for me but it is also great for gut
health.  The sauerkraut I am using here is a New Zealand made one called Be

And even
though I have a kidney disease I don’t just focus on just my kidney’s as a lot
of people just  focus on one thing rather then looking at the body as a
whole.  When we are able to look at our body as a whole rather then just
the illness this puts us in a state of mind of balance for the body rather
than obsessed on one thing.

Keep healing the body as a whole!


Peace Out,