Yoga for Runners with Nadia

People ask why is yoga good for runners? My answer is, “I find yoga strengthens supporting muscles used in running. While the movement on the mat develops strength in the core, quads, hamstrings and hip flexors. But it also creates balance with mobility in the hips that runners doesn’t normally move in. This will also bring the balance by increasing strengthen in the underused muscles which will help runners to stay injury free.”

Over this six week period we will cover things like;

  1. movement, strength, myofascial release from the knees to the toes
  2. create mobility in the hips
  3. working from our core strength
  4. creating strength
  5. post-run yoga
  6. pre-run yoga

Come and join me to create some

balance to improve your run on

and off the mat!

Cost: $150

To registrar contact Active+ Albany at 09-444-1925 or email

Active+ Albany

Unit 1, 84 Don McKinnon Drive,
Albany, Auckland

**if you are doing the Auckland fun run “Run Around the Bay’s” the session the day before the run is a yin yoga session which will be good a session for the day before.