Yoga for Everyone

Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is a great complement to any exercise regime. It is an excellent way to increase strength, flexibility and breath control. Yoga can reduce many symptoms of chronic ailments and diseases which release tension in the body. It is wonderful for overall conditioning for the body, mind and soul. If you are an athlete of any kind – professional or amateur – this is an ideal conditioning program for athletes of any type of sport. On top of all the benefits it reduces injuries and also improves quick recovery time. It can also help during rehabilitation to injuries or surgeries. By starting off with restorative yoga and working up to an asana practice (active poses) yoga also provides a deep connection to the body which increases your awareness to yourself (body, mind and soul), as well as your emotional state of being.

Meditation for Everyone

Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation helps on many different levels. It can help you eliminate negative thoughts, worries and anxiety which prevent us from being happy in the here and now. With regular meditation, it helps improve the mind which boosts the mood; the body which eases pain, stress, immunity and improves heart health. A yoga practice (asana) is a physical form of meditation which is why yoga and meditation go hand in hand.


One-to-One Private Yoga Session​

Are you new to yoga/meditation? Are you scared to join a class? Are you recovering from an injury or surgery or just wanting to work on your practice with individual attention?

One-to-one private sessions is then maybe what you are looking for. It can be a one-off base or a regular time. It is your practice, your body. Either way you can benefit from this as you will give you the confidence and the skills you require for your bio-individual body.

Group/Corporate Sessions

Are you wanting to give yoga/meditation a go with friends or co-workers?
Then book a group or corporate sessions. It is a great way bond with friends or build on team building while releasing body tension and stress.

What They’re Saying

I found Nadia as my personal trainer has been life-changing force of positivity and strength. Her attention to form has made a huge difference in terms of results I’ve seen, along with her background in nutrition and yoga. She’s a clear communicator, and her warmth and encouraging style make me look forward to each session. I’ve achieved my fitness goals working with Nadia, and have my sights set on new ones now! I can’t recommend her nightly enough!!


Nadia has helped me to grow so much in how I practice yoga. She has helped me refine my technique through professional guidance and care, which has in turn allowed me to get so much more out of our sessions and in my day-to-day life. I have real gratitude for Nadia and her excellent teaching, and would absolutely recommend her to people of all skill levels.


I had the privilege of learning from Nadia a couple of years ago on a regular basis. Her attention to detail, clear explanations and passion for her craft and our bodies has stayed with me. I haven’t had the opportunity to go to many yoga classes since moving, but now when I practice on my own, I hear Nadia’s voice and guidance – gently pushing my body to the correct angles and knowing that little bit further I can stretch myself. Hand on heart, Nadia’s wise direction wasn’t just for those hours on the matbut served my grounding for yoga for years to come.

Alana H

When was the last time you received the personal attention
you deserve and talked with someone about your health?