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Calling all Goddesses……..Have you had a HEALTH SCARE??  Feeling you’ve been on AUTOPILOT, most of your life??  I’ve been there and have the steps and tools to help you “Wake-UP” and take charge of your health and become a “BadAss Goddess Warrior”

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: The 6 Week “WAKE-UP Warrior Goddess” Challenge 

Yesterday I revealed information about The 6 Week “WAKE-UP Warrior Goddess” Challenge to turn off autopilot and to be in control of your health.

The response was AMAZING.

So here’s what’s going to happen…

I am looking for  10  who are sick of being overwhelmed and afraid and are ready to take back control.


On  4th October 2021,  these founding members will start working closely with me to achieve to be in control of their health and inner Goddess Warrior. I will not let you fail.

Does that sound exciting to you?

Would you LOVE to stop stepping back and start taking the right steps towards FINALLY be in control of your life?

Those  10-15 Founding Members will get: 

✅  WAKE-UP the Inner Goddess Quick Start so that you can start being in control of your life!

👉 The Challenge follows the “WAKE-UP WARRIOR GODDESS METHOD” , which is a unique system to achieve taking control of your life and waking up that inner Goddess.  This method is not one size fits all.  Learning to connect with your inner Goddess as you create your desired healthy lifestyle.

✅ Bonus #1: Weekly Group Coaching Calls to Personalise Your Inner Goddess.  This is a stepping stone to let go of the autopilot mode and harness the power of your inner Goddess Warrior and take control of your desired healthy lifestyle! 

Bonus #2: The Warrior Goddess EMPOWERED Eating Program as well the Inner Goddess Soul Resting & Sleep Program so you can amplify your control on your health.

✅  Bonus #3: To be a part of an uplifting  Accountability Facebook group so that you don’t quit until you experience results.

✅  Bonus #4:  Your own BadAss Goddess App to do ANYTIME & ANYWHERE.  So you have the support with you on the go.

✅  Bonus #5: Discounted new founders membership to the BadAss Goddess Warrior VIP Membership:  Including access to new content (challenges, meditations, movement, self-care tools..etc) Weekly coaching calls after the challenge as well the “BadAss Warrior Goddess Community” to hold you accountable and create long term results.  And a bonus to this bonus: be the example to help others as you progress ahead of them.

The best part is, you will get all of this for a huge discount as a founding member! 

When I do the full public launch, I’m going to charge $2,997 for this program. 

But I have a sneaky reason for giving you a huge discount…

I’m looking for 10-15  Founding Members, who I can work with closely over the next 6 weeks to get them incredible results.

I’m looking for future testimonials of the “I Am A BadAss EMPOWERING Goddess”  Movement!

All I need from you is $597

Interested in taking back your life? 

Click on the link below to put in your application.

Application Form 6 Week WAKE-UP Warrior Goddess Challenge

It’s that simple.


From my heart  ❤️to yours,

Namaste 🙏

Nadia (CC-crazy Canadian) 

PS: You may be thinking… What’s the catch? Well, there is no catch. I’m simply looking to test out my new program and get some killer testimonials before releasing it to the wider public at the price it deserves. 


PPS: There are only 5 spots available as founding members for “The 6 Week WAKE-UP Warrior Goddess Challenge” so if this sounds like you, don’t wait!   Click on the application link below.

Application Form 6 Week WAKE-UP Warrior Goddess Challenge

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